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DebtAway SA Professional Debt Counselling

Do you need professional debt counselling anywhere in South Africa?

DebtAway SA is a trusted, professional, experienced debt counselling firm registered at the National Credit Regulator. We are based in South Africa and have been successfully offering excellent Debt management services to debt stressed consumers since 2007 to help them experience debt relief. If you are want to know more about debt review or need advice on how to get out of debt, we can advise you on debt restructuring, debt management and becoming debt free. We assist clients across South Africa who are in a debt crisis with debt budgeting, debt counselling and debt advice. Whether you need debt help in Western Cape, Gauteng, North West, KwaZulu Natal, Limpopo, Free State, Mpumalanga, Northern Cape or the Eastern Cape, we can assist you.

Let us assist you with your debt review

For your own peace of mind it is very important that you only seek debt counselling services from professional, reputable, NCR Registered Debt Counsellors such as ourselves. We are proud of the fact that quite a few of our clients have already paid off all their debt with our help and are facing a brighter, debt free future. Don't struggle alone against your debt crisis. Let us help you to get out of debt and experience financial relief.

Three Easy Steps

Step One

Step One 

We require the following documentation from you:

  • A copy of your ID
  • Your latest creditor statements. Remember all debt must be included in the debt review.
  • Your last three months’ salary advice
  • Your latest bank statement
  • Proof of Residence (Telkom, Eskom or Municipal Account)
  • Proof that your vehicle is insured if you are still paying it off
  • The front page of your Ante nuptial contract if married out of community of property.

Step Two

Step Two

Remember to open a savings account at a bank where you have no credit agreements and inform your employer to start depositing your salary into your new account. We will determine if you are over indebted and inform your creditors and the Credit Bureaus of your application.

Your creditors may not start any new legal action against you after you have signed the application form, provided that your application is accepted. We will take over all negotiations with your creditors in order to ensure reduced installments on all your credit agreements. You will start paying one provisionally reduced monthly installment in respect of all your accounts included in the debt review, as from the first month end after you signed the application form.


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Step Three

Step Three

We will draft a personal payment plan for you and send it as a proposal to your creditors. We will then obtain a court date from your local Magistrate to make the proposal an order of the court. This will offer your full protection against your creditors as long as you make full and regular payments to the PDA as agreed.

The granting of the court order completes the process and your creditors can’t take any legal action against you for as long as your keep making payments in accordance with your payment plan without any deviation. We will keep monitoring your situation and will still answer any questions that you may have. We will also still be supporting you during this journey until all your debt is settled.


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Debt Review or Debt Counselling is a legal process to solve over indebtedness in the cheapest and most effective way in order to allow consumers back into the credit market once all the debt has been paid in full. This service may only be provided by National Credit Regulator (NCR) registered Debt Counsellors.

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We will negotiate with your creditors to lower your monthly installments and to extend your debt repayment period accordingly. We will also try to get your creditors to consent to a lower interest rate

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